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Galveston County Veterans Treatment Court is a Unique Program for Justice Involved Veterans

Galveston County’s Veteran Treatment Court (GCVTC) was founded in 2013 by County Judge Mark Henry, a retired Air Force veteran, with the support of District Attorney Jack Roady and members of the judiciary.

The mission of this specialty court was clear, to serve justice involved veterans and active service members who suffer from PTSD, TBI and substance abuse disorder due to their military service, which was a contributing factor in their misdemeanor or felony offense.

From the very beginning, all of the staff have been veterans. This includes everyone from the judge to the lawyers to the administrative staff and even the bailiff. The program is still the only all veteran staffed treatment court in the country. In the first couple of years, all the staff were volunteers but that changed when the Texas Veterans Commission awarded Galveston County a grant to expand the program. Since then, the program has hired two full-time employees and has continually grown to serve more and more justice involved veterans.

There have been 52 graduates from the program and each one has their own unique story of service and sacrifice. Many of the participants mention that this program saved their lives. Graduation ceremonies are held quarterly and are open to the public. Anyone who wishes to attend is encouraged to do so. These graduations are a time for the veteran participants to share their own individual journey as they exit the program.

If you would like more information about GCVTC or know of a veteran who could benefit from the program, please call 409-765-2679 or visit

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