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Galveston Votes app eases Election Day tension

It’s the home stretch for election day and whether you’re voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, there’s tools to help you get there.

Before heading to the polls on Nov. 8, Galveston County voters can access crucial voting information on their smartphones with one single app called Galveston Votes.

While residents can’t vote with the app, they can find important voting information at their fingertips.

"The election app provides information like sample ballots, election dates, voter ID requirements and polling locations," Galveston County Clerk Dwight Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the goal in creating this app was voter outreach, and he said this year they’re seeing record numbers at the polls.

"The election turnout has been strong, during the primary we had a 90% increase from four years prior," he said. "Not only are the numbers higher we have a more educated voter so they go into the polls knowing more about the candidate and who is on the ballot and how to read the ballot."

The free Galveston Votes app is available for iPhone and Android users and can be downloaded from the apple store, google play or by visiting

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