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Galveston county residents are seeing an increased presence of constables in their neighborhoods.

For the first time, Galveston County Commissioners Court has provided nearly 20 brand-new, marked vehicles for constables and deputy constables to use on the job.

Galveston County Pct. 2 Constable Clint Wayne Brown said the cars were a much-needed resource. In the past deputies used their personal vehicles and received a car allowance instead.

“You’ve got an extra set of eyes, these cars are clearly marked, its more versatile and a big plus for citizens of Galveston County,” Brown said. “The guys have this opportunity to have these vehicles taken care of and it doesn’t come out of their pocket.”

Galveston County Pct. 4 Constable Jerry Fisher agreed the cars are not only better for his deputies, they’re the best way to deter crime on the streets.

“Looking at it from a crime prevention stand point there’s nothing better in a subdivision than seeing marked police presence,” Fisher said.

Whether that presence is patrolling a neighborhood or performing one of the many duties the constables office is responsible for.

“Our primary function is to back up the JP courts to serve the papers of civil processing,” Brown said. “We can do everything else any other law enforcement agency can do, we are the oldest established in Texas."

The new vehicles will allow Galveston County to continue providing the best protection for its citizens.

“I’m thankful for the county leadership to be proactive with doing this,” Fisher said. “It certainly shows they care about their community and are concerned about the quality of life in their community.”


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