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In an effort to reduce jail population and save taxpayers money, Galveston County has partnered with League City to offer the area’s first remote bonding program.

With remote bonding, people arrested in League City no longer have to be transported and booked in the county jail in Galveston before bonding out.

“It saves everyone time and resources,” County Judge Mark Henry said. “It saves the Sheriff’s Office time from having to drive prisoners around, it saves the defendant the time of waiting on a van, riding and being booked in Galveston, then having to get back from Galveston.”

Over a 30 day period, League City Councilman Nick Long said 96 county defendants have been arrested in League City, saving taxpayers nearly $10,000.

“Over the course of a full year we are looking at saving $150,000 both in hard costs and time,” Long said.

Judge Henry said that’s proof this program is working and encourages other cities to do the same.

“Absolutely, that’s exactly what we were hoping for, we’re glad to see the numbers are working out for us,” Henry said. “That’s 96 people that did not come to Galveston County jail, did not get booked here and the savings go on.”

Long said remote bonding would be especially helpful to those communities with a smaller police force.

“This is better,” Long said. “It’s simply more efficient, it saves officers time, saves money and gives officers more time to protect the citizens of League City.”

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