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Neighborhoods in Bacliff and San Leon are looking a lot cleaner, thanks to Heavy Trash Days sponsored by Galveston County.

From old mattresses and wood to heavy brush, the program accepts and disposes of any non-hazardous waste. There’s no limit to the amount of trash that can be dropped off and fresh mulch is offered on the way out.

Dusty Jones, of Bacliff, said the program is especially helpful for those living in unincorporated areas since they only have the county to rely on for heavy trash clean up.

“For two years in a row I’ve been every six months,” Jones said. “I think it’s a wonderful thing they’re cleaning up the environment and getting these yards cleaned up. I think it’s good the county is providing the dumpsters and everything, it’s great.”

With so much positive feedback, Galveston county commissioner Ryan Dennard has been committed to keeping the community based program going.

“We’re putting your tax dollars to work, with a commitment to keeping the community clean,” Dennard said.

Dr. Mike Magliolo, of San Leon, has been involved with the program from the start. He said he personally drove around the area picking up heavy trash on the side of the road and brought in three loads on his trailer.

“They’re doing a great job and the people are taking interest in it and it’s wonderful,” Magliolo said. “It’s all community based that’s what this is about.”

The next Heavy Trash Day is planned for Spring 2016.

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