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County approves increased trash pick-up for all Bolivar Peninsula beaches

Efforts to keep Bolivar clean continue, thanks to the Galveston County commissioners’ approval of increased trash pick-up along peninsula beaches.

On Tuesday, commissioners approved a request to transfer funds to ensure trash barrels are emptied more regularly on beaches from High Island to Bolivar.

“We met with citizens last fall about improving services and cleanliness on beaches,” Pct. 1 Galveston County Commissioner Ryan Dennard said. “This is part of the overall initiative to enhance beaches on Bolivar Peninsula.”

Last month commissioners granted a resolution for the local organization, Keep Bolivar Beautiful. That resolution led to the group’s recognition as an official affiliate of the state program, Keep Texas Beautiful.

On their Facebook page Keep Bolivar Beautiful organizers write, “Our goal is to continue education in litter prevention and involve [the] community in our quest for an improved environment for ourselves and future generations.”

Dennard said the county is able to spend more funds on things like beach clean-up and security thanks to the parking sticker program. For about six years Galveston County has charged to park on the beaches in Bolivar. Tickets cost $10 for the year.

“Future plans include dramatically improving directional and informational signage, which will enrich the look and safety of our beaches,” Dennard said.

There’s currently over a million dollars in the parking sticker budget, in addition to the millions pumped into area beaches using money from the general fund budget.

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