County Commissioners push for property tax reform

Commissioners passed a resolution on Tuesday, urging the State Legislature to provide significant and meaningful tax relief to Texas individuals, families and businesses. Specifically, local officials asked for immediate property tax relief beyond the adoption of the revenue cap legislation known as Senate Bill 1. Senate Bill 1 would require voter approval when larger local governments raise property taxes on existing land and buildings 4-6 percent or more. County Judge Mark Henry called it a step in the right direction, but said it doesn’t go far enough. “Galveston County taxpayers need relief from the annual property tax assessment increases handed down by the central appraisal district,”

Galveston County Commissioners Court lowers registration fees for drivers

Drivers will soon see savings on their vehicle registration fees after the Galveston County Commissioners Court opted out of a state grant program aimed at cutting down on vehicle emissions. On Tuesday the commissioners court voted unanimously to reduce the vehicle registration fee in Galveston County by $6. According to Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, the fee was meant to provide funding to operate the AirCheck Texas program, which was used to help residents repair or replace high-emission vehicles. “It’s not fair to continue charging a fee when there’s about $1.7 million available for Galveston County that hasn’t been spent,” Judge Henry said. Residents who meet the requirements can sti