County's strong credit rating saves taxpayers in recent bond refinancing

After a recent refinancing of $72 million in general obligation bonds, Galveston County has lowered its interest rate which will result in $6.6 million in savings over the next 11 years. The new interest rate for the refinancing bonds is 2.63 percent, a decrease from the current average of 3.85 percent. According to County Judge Mark Henry, this refinancing resulted in a better than expected savings. “We’re proud to say this will result in savings of over $600,000 per year,” Judge Henry said. “Given the strength of the County’s ratings and the upgrade to Aaa by Moody’s Investors Services, the County was able to enter the market at an opportune time with a strong outlook to investors.” This w

Galveston County receives first ever Moody’s AAA Rating

Good fiscal policies and strong recovery since Hurricane Ike are two factors Galveston County can claim after Moody's Investors Service assigned a Aaa rating to the county’s $64.6 million Limited Tax Refunding Bonds. “This is a testament to our fiscally conservative approach to draft a budget year after year that funds important programs and services without increasing property taxes,” County Judge Mark Henry said. “The Moody’s Aaa rating will result in substantial savings for taxpayers and is proof that Galveston County continues to be a good steward of the public’s money.” As stated in the Moody’s report the county's tax base has grown to historically high levels since Hurricane Ike. Withi

Meet 212th Judicial District Court Judge Patricia Grady

Now in her second year on the bench in the 212th District Court, Judge Patricia Grady puts convicted Galveston County criminals behind bars and helps offenders overcome issues like addiction. “One of the proudest moments I have as judge is when our system has been successful in helping someone overcome a drug or alcohol addiction,” Judge Grady said. “That for me is some of the best feedback when I come in and hear someone thank me for incarcerating them because that was the push they needed to overcome their drug issue.” The 212 handles civil and criminal cases, which covers felony up to capital murder. "When I took office we had a tremendous backlog with people awaiting trial three years,"